Watershed Management Authority

The Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watershed Management Authority was formed in early 2014 over common concerns of soil & water quality and future development in the watersheds. Since the formation, the Authority has led the effort to enhance and preserve the quality of the watersheds.

The newly formed entity received a grant from the DNR to develop a watershed management plan to address the environmental concerns seen throughout the three watersheds. The plan was completed in 2016 and outlines ways residents and cities can improve the overall quality of the Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watersheds. Click on the Watershed Management Tab to find links to the plan.

The Watershed Management Authority board is composed of representatives from each jurisdiction within the watershed. Below is a list of WMA representatives:

  • Jasper County Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Polk Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Marion Soil and Water Conservation District
  • City of Altoona, Iowa
  • City of Bondurant, Iowa
  • City of Mitchellville, Iowa
  • City of Pleasant Hill, Iowa
  • City of Runnells, Iowa
  • Polk County, Iowa
  • Jasper County, Iowa
  • Marion County, Iowa

The WMA also has a variety of partners who have been instrumental in developing the watershed plan and implementation of the plan

  • Snyder and Associates
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • RDG Planning and Design
  • Metro Waste Authority